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News, 3/10/2017 | Embassy of Finland, Washington

Dance with Finland this Year!

Finland and dancing go way back. Partner dancing has been, and still is, a popular pastime all over the country. One of the biggest Finnish cultural events is the annual Tangomarkkinat tango festival. To celebrate the centennial of Finland's independence, and the unique dance tradition of Finland, The Dancing Finland campaign has an inspiring and playfully competitive goal to get everyone to dance. Everyone can dance because dance belongs to everybody!

This is how it works: individuals and groups are encouraged to take a photo, or to make a short video of them dancing. First, choose a dance style from the webpage, learn it alone or with a group of friends, film or photograph your dance and then upload it to social media. The results are published with the hashtags #dancingfinland and #dancechallenge. It's that simple!

Photo: Visit Finland
Partner dancing is a popular pastime all over Finland
Partner dancing is a popular pastime all over Finland

The campaign website offers examples on how to dance freestyle, street dance, contemporary dance, ballet, show dance and couple and folk dance. Nothing stops you from creating your own moves, but the campaign encourages the dance types mentioned above. You do not need to be a skilled dancer, the point is to get everyone dancing.

Once you are done with your performance, you can challenge somebody else to do the same. Wouldn't you want to see your neighbor dancing, or your parents? How about your colleagues? The campaign also collaborates with dance schools and allows you to give a dance lesson as a gift to an organization or to individuals. The campaign has already reached over 327,000 people!

The Dancing Finland campaign runs throughout the year 2017 and it is a part of the official centennial program.

Find out more about the campaign and see dance videos and photos on the following websites:

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Updated 3/10/2017

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