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News, 6/29/2017 | Embassy of Finland, Washington

Company Profile: Lumene Uses Arctic Ingredients to Give You Glowing Skin

Lumene is a Finnish skincare brand founded in 1970. The company is steeped in the philosophy and belief in the power of nature. Lumene is a household name in Finland, and the company’s products are widely available also in the U.S.

Lumene products are inspired by the natural beauty of the Finnish landscape and the purity and authenticity of the Nordic way of life. The company is closely connected to the Arctic nature. It uses ingredients like birch sap, pine bark, cloudberry, sea buckthorn and lingonberry found in the abundant Finnish forests.

The company’s philosophy is reflected in its name. Lumene is named after the Lummenne lake in central Finland and the name is also derived from “lumen”, the Latin word for light.

The company has two lines of products: it creates radiance boosting skincare and makeup that works to restore the skin’s natural strength, beauty and luminosity. In the U.S., the main emphasis is on the skincare products. Thee collections, called LÄHDE, VALO and SISU are available to the consumers.

Photo: Lumene
Lumene Lähde

LÄHDE combines pure Arctic spring water and birch sap to give hydration. VALO lights up your skin's natural radiance with cloudberry and lingonberry. And SISU helps to purify the skin and protect it against pollution and other external elements with pine bark and spruce knot extract.

Lumene has a strong focus on sustainable production and minimal waste. The company tries to utilize all possible components from plants foraged or collected from nature. In addition, they use byproducts from other industries, when possible, to reduce waste. In keeping with their philosophy and in compliance with the EU legislation, Lumene never tests on animals.

Lumene is a global brand, but all of its products are designed and 80% of them are made in Finland. The company employs approximately 300 people in Finland. Lumene’s core market areas are the Nordic countries, Russia and the United States. In the U.S., you can find Lumene’s products, for example, in CVS, Walgreens and Target.

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Updated 7/27/2017

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