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Embassy of Finland, Washington

Celebrate Finland’s Centennial with Dinner Party August 25-27

Have you always dreamed of hosting a grand dinner party or just inviting people to enjoy your hospitality? Now is your chance to release your inner party planner for the weekend of August 25-27!

Finnish Your Dinner is a dinner party that is open for everybody. The idea was born in 2013 when the first-ever Dinner Under the Helsinki Sky was organized in Helsinki as part of the city’s birthday, Helsinki Day. Pohjoisesplanadi street in the city center was closed from traffic, and a table for a thousand people was set. People brought their own food and drinks and enjoyed each other’s company long into the night.

Finnish your Dinner!
Finnish your Dinner!

The event was such a big hit that the organizers decided to establish Dinner Under the Helsinki Sky Everywhere, where everyone could organize their own dinner party anywhere they wanted. This year in honor of Finland’s centennial, the concept is expanding beyond the country’s borders and the event has been named Finnish Your Dinner.

We encourage all Finns and friends of Finland to host their own dinner parties on the weekend of August 25-27. The weekend marks the 100-day countdown to Finland’s Independence Day, which is on December 6.

Here’s how it works. Create your guest list and pin your dinner party on the map that will be on the Finnish Your Dinner website. The map will be published on June 18. Inform your guests what you will be serving and let them know what you would like them to bring along. Lay out a dinner table, deck it with a white tablecloth and serve your favorite Finnish food.

Invite anyone you like – friends, acquaintances, neighbors or strangers! The online reservation system will let you know who will be attending and ensures safety and security.

Let’s open the doors to Finland’s food culture and let’s celebrate Finland’s centennial by sharing a meal in good company under the open skies!

Learn more about the Finnish Your Dinner event at

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Updated 8/2/2017

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