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News, 5/18/2018

Funding From Lumene Enables Two Students to Attend Salolampi

Salolampi Foundation is pleased to announce support from Lumene, a top Finnish skincare and cosmetics company, which has donated funds and products to benefit students who attend the summer sessions.

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Salolampi, the Finnish Language Village, based in Bemidji, Minnesota, is supported by Salolampi Foundation and is operated by Concordia Language Villages.

Lumene, Finland’s best-selling skincare brand is known worldwide for developing innovative beauty products featuring pure ingredients sourced from Finland, such as cloudberries, Arctic spring water, birch sap and pine bark, donated $1,500 to support Salolampi’s scholarship program. The company also donated an array of high quality products for the students to enjoy during camp, such as Glow Reveal Moisturizer from Lumene’s Vitamin C [Valo] line.

“We are excited to announce our newest sponsor, Lumene, a Finnish brand that we all admire for its excellent product line and its commitment to supporting programs that benefit children,” said Iida Amy Tervola-Hultberg, Dean of Salolampi Finnish Language Village. “Along with Salolampi Foundation’s automatic scholarship, Lumene’s donation will enable two more talented students to attend a Salolampi youth session tuition-free this summer.”


Nicole Jerome agreed, emphasizing how supporting Salolampi connects to Lumene’s overall corporate social responsibility initiatives. In fact, last year the company donated 30,000 Euros to the Espoo Girl’s House, which provides free activities to help young girls grow into strong, confident women. The aim is to create groups and spaces for girls with different cultures and backgrounds.

“Like Salolampi, Lumene is proud of our Finnish roots, and we are committed to supporting programs that make a positive difference in the lives of children, “ said Nicole Jerome, Director of Sales - North America for Lumene. “We are pleased to help advance Salolampi Foundation’s mission to sustain Finnish language and culture in the US via the organization’s innovative courses and activities.”

Speaking of special programs, in addition to its popular summer youth sessions, Salolampi will be offering retreat weekends this fall and winter, featuring courses that range from mastering Finnish cooking to learning how to make traditional Finnish arts & crafts. Please mark your calendar for the following dates: November 9-11, 2018 (Finnish) and December 7-9, 2018 (Nordic).

Text by: Salolampi

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Updated 5/18/2018

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