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Welcome to the Consulate General of Finland in New York!

Pääkonsuli Manu Virtamo
Consul General Manu Virtamo

The jurisdiction of Consulate General of Finland in New York includes 35 states on the U.S. East coast and Midwest, as well as two special administrative regions (Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands). The size of this area equals that of the European Union. In its jurisdiction, Consulate General oversees the interests of Finland and its’ citizens.

Due to its location, a significant part of the Consulate General’s activities take place in New York - an international center hub of business, media and culture. New York is home to a number of Finns and, like just as the entire United States, a popular travel destination among Finnish travelers.

We build bridges between Finnish and American individuals and organizations, whether this means state or city level political decision-makers, representatives of the business world, educational actors or cultural institutions. We strengthen the Finnish economy by both supporting Finnish companies in the U.S as well as participating in efforts to attract investments to Finland. We cooperate with a range of companies from traditional industrial corporations to small startups.

As the United States is the world’s largest economy and home to almost half of the world’s innovations, it is crucial for us to maintain tight trade and economic relations between Finland and the U.S. We work to strengthen these relations in close cooperation with our Team Finland partners in the U.S. The network of 20 Honorary Consuls based in different states within our jurisdiction make up for an important support for the Consulate General’s work. Coordinating the network of Honorary Consuls is part of the mission’s daily routine. We also cooperate with American-Finnish organizations and Finnish-American chambers of commerce located within our jurisdiction.

Part of our work is to contribute to a positive image of Finland abroad. Together with our local partners we engage in events and activities showcasing Finnish culture and education system, equality and environmentally friendly thinking. We are active in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn in order to ensure visibility and interaction with our target audiences.

One of the primary duties of the Consulate General is to provide consular services to Finnish citizens according to Consular Service Act. More than one hundred thousand Finnish tourists visit the U.S. every year, and over 20 000 Finns as well as approximately half a million Finnish Americans live permanently in the area of our jurisdiction. New York has also been the most popular city vacation destination of Finnish tourists for several years in a row. We assist distressed Finns and foreign citizens living permanently in Finland in crises situations that might take place during their visit in the United States.

We grant annually more than 750 new Finnish passports – mainly in New York, but also in other states where we visit with the portable passport machine. During the elections, we organize the absentee voting. The Consulate General of Finland in New York is one of the biggest Finnish missions abroad when measured on the size of the citizen services’ sector. We hope that all Finns travelling in the area of our jurisdiction follow our travel advisories on local conditions and practices, and submit a travel notice to the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland when travelling to the United States.

In addition to consular affairs, we serve foreign citizens travelling to Finland with the immigration matters. Even though American citizens are not required to obtain a visa to enter Finland, we grant annually appr. 500 visas to citizens of third party countries living in the U.S. Additionally, we receive residence permit applications from American and other foreign citizens, who are looking to stay or work in Finland for a longer period of time. Annually, we serve appr. 8000 customers by answering inquiries via phone, mail and e-mail.

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